Shari is a Community Outreach Manager and Community Engagement expert with a particular focus on the safe development of natural gas. Over the past 17 years as a Public Relations professional, Shari has worked with a network of clients, partners and clients in various areas which include energy, fashion, beauty and entertainment.

During Shari’s years of modeling, she noticed a transformation in her skin. She had developed dryness, redness, burning and adult acne. Shari attempted to seek help with a variety of dermatologist and discovered she had eczema and dermatitis. As a result of her newly discovered skin problems, Shari started to work with home remedies that were custom blended to help improve her skin and feel better about her appearance.

In the journey of finding the right skin treatments, Shari helped formulate her first product which was oatmeal honey & milk soap. Shari noticed an improvement in her skin and began to cultivate more skin products. Shari realized her products were not only helping improve her skin but it also brought on a sense of confidence and indulgence.

When other people started to notice Shari’s skin improvements and inquired about what she was using, she began giving out samples of her creations. Always having the entrepreneurial spirit, Shari started her own beauty product line uniquely called ShaShaGlam in 2010.

ShaShaGlam is “The Glam Home Spa Experience’ that revives your mind, body and spirit while giving you an outer glow. These bath and body products are crafted to help you create a home spa experience and will leave you smelling great and feeling confident.